Advertising TIN Mammoth Salted Nuts KELLY Elephant bowl

I have a great nut bowl, metal with a beautiful lithographed picture, good paint, with some wear, but overall in great condition. What a great gift for someone named KELLY as it has been manufactured by the Kelly Company, (name on item) Cleveland Ohio, Cheinco Housewares. This tin bowl is advertising MAMMOTH SALTED NUTS, and has a great picture of a mammoth elephant. Wonderful item! I am taking best offers for this item.

Please use PAYPAL, or pay by check or money order. The shipping and handling charge for this item, sent in a sturdy box is $4.50 INSURED to any address in the continental U.S.. Multiple purchases will be combined to save on shipping costs. International bidders must pay with Paypal and the shipping cost to Europe or Australia is $7.00.