Aeolis, Kyme AR Hemiobol "Eagle" VF Greek Silver Coin!

Romae Aeternae Numismatics Welcomes You!

Location : Aeolis, Kyme

Obverse : Eagle's head left, KY before

Reverse : Spiral incuse square (mill sail)

Mint & Date of Striking : Aeolis, Kyme 450-400 BC

References : SNG Cop 31, Plant 1625

Size/Denomination/Weight : 8mm, AR Silver Hemiobol 0.42g

An excellent example of this beautiful coins! The eagle's head is in sharp VF and the incuse is about VF (it is better than the scan). The coin is toned deeply giving it a dark look with frosted feilds, which remain silvery. Very fine details in the bird still remain such as the cheek bone and the beak seperation. The eye is strikingly bold. Certainly one of the finer examples for sale and at a price you won't find for this grade anyw else!


While all items sold by Romae Aeternae Numismatics are guaranteed authentic for life, you may wish to purchase a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) for an additional $5. A COA can both increase the value of your coin as well as give peace of mind to both you and the future owner(s) of the coin. If you would like to purchase a COA for the coin you've purchased, please contact me through ebay's message system BEFORE paying for your coin(s). I will send you a corrected invoice with the additional $5 charge.
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