AERIAL PHOTO CD Northampton County Virginia 2008 VA Map

Digital Aerial Photography of Northampton County, VA

Northampton County, Virginia aerial photo sample

Northampton County, VA aerial imagery zoomed in!
This shows the level of detail you will get for your entire county.

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The Aerial Photography CD will change the way you view your county! This easy to use Aerial Photography CD gives a bird's eye view of topography, vegetation, urban development, agriculture and other geographic features in natural color.

2008 Aerial Photography CD of Northampton County, VA Product Information Free GIS viewer software -Windows 98/2000/NT/XP/Vista or MACs. MAC users contact us. Easy to use - No experience needed. Print aerial photos at any scale on your own printer, even large posters Pan and zoom in/out Measure distances/areas Read map coordinates (UTM) Adjust brightness/contrast Export imagery to JPEG, TIFF, PDF, etc. Sample PDF Dawson County, NE 1MB 100% coverage for your county 1 Meter Pixel Resolution - See above sample 2008 Aerial Photography taken in the spring/summer No restrictions of use. Commercial use is allowed. Use in publications, websites, & maps/posters. You get full utility of the data - not just a jpg snapshot! Our competitors license their imagery and state "You

Applications for the Aerial Photography CD

Land Owners, Farmers, & Ranchers - Quickly assess the health of your crops, trees, and other vegetation with natural color photography.

Hunters, Fishermen, & Sportsmen - Scout out your hunting area from the air and print aerial photos.

Realtors, Developers, Planners & Property Managers - Save time investigating potential properties and create compelling marketing material/reports. Make your initial site investigation on your desktop. Get more out of an on-site visit with an aerial photo you create before the visit.

Teachers, Professors, and Education Professionals (K-12 & College) - Aerial photography is an interesting addition to any classroom; it will bring your lessons to life, fascinating everyone involved. Included with the CD is a folder with lesson plans for Aerial Photography and other geography/map/imagery subjects.

Insurance adjusters/policy writers - This Aerial Photography CD is a tool for underwriting policies, processing claims and assessing potential risks.

Engineers, Planners, and Environmental Professionals - Visualize and evaluate site locations. Get more out of a site visit with the an aerial photo you create. This will save you time and money!

You can spend hours exploring the countywide aerial finding landmarks like; Chesapeake Channel, Smith Beach, Stumptown, Willis Wharf, Simpkins, James Crossroads, Stewarts Landing, Cheriton, Cherrystone, Pat Town, Oakland Park, Machipongo, Dixon and Parson Dam, Chesapeake, Fishermans Island National Wildlife Refuge, Cape Charles, The Isaacs, Mears Pond, Dixon and Parson Pond, Culls, Little Johnsontown, Fishermans Island, Fishermans Inlet, Marionville, Kendall Grove, Treherneville, Hare Valley, Wilkins Beach, Middletown, Goffigon Dam, Bayford, White Cliffs, Eastville Station, Silver Beach, Miller Dam, Arlington, Long Dam, Johnsontown, Longs Pond, Smith Dam, Cape Junction, Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, Barlow Creek, Kellam Dam, Owens Landing, Franktown, Jamesville, Kellam Pond, Bridgetown, Tankards Beach, Miller Pond, Mears Dam, Cape Charles Police Department, Cape Charles Volunteer Fire Company, Northampton Fire and Rescue, Eastville Volunteer Fire Company, Cape Charles Rescue Service Station 19, Northampton County Sheriff...
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