E-Aero Eagle EPP RC Glider Plane Kit FREE Brushless Motor Digital servos .

Wing Span: 59 inches
Fuselage Length: 32 inches
Model Weight: 17 - 19 ounces
Configuration: 3 Channel - Motor / V-tail - two servos
This is not your average airplane. The E-Aero Eagle EPP Kit is a detailed model that even fools real hawks! Using two servos to control the tail feathers, the Eagle catches thermals and glides on and on. Made of durable EPP foam, this kit has reinforcements everywhere. Do not be fooled by cheaper imitators. The wings are built up and formed for increased strength. There is plenty of room for your radio gear inside the body of the Eagle.
All foam pieces - black / white / yellow color scheme prepainted
Pushrods and control hardware
Wing Spars and other reinforcement hardware
Printed instructions with photographs
Brushless Motor I am including 2 digital serves with this auction.
You will need
Speed Controller - 18A Brushless ESC
Propeller - 8x4 Thin Electric Gray Composite Prop
Battery - 11.1V 1800mAh or 2200mAh 35C Lithium Polymer Battery
We have all in stock

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