Aeromarine Laminates Cyclone Gas Rc Boat BH Henson Motor

Hello, I'm selling a rc gas powered boat by Aeromarine laminates. Aeromarine makes one of the best & this is it with that modified BH Henson motor & BH tuned pipe. I bought from a friend & never got a chance to paint & go to the lake. The boat was painted but someone did not do a good job. There a small area in the back that has some stress cracks on the paint. This can easily be fixed & reprinted. This boat new sells for $1500 with the 2.4G Futaba Magnum 3PM remote. There huge size servo for the steering. There is few spots on the boat that the paint is peeling off since I removed the stickers. All you need to do is reprint the hull & you got your self one bad beast. I have a pipe stand which I will take it a part & send it with the boat. I have it listed locally & can't guaranty it will available by end of auction. I'm open to all offers. I'm getting out of the hobby since I never get time to use them. Please txt your questions & offers 323/707-9457Greg

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