AEROMODELLER Mag Model Aircraft Telco CO2 Engine Plan



May 1982

Published By

Model & Allied Publications

Printed in England

Articles Include:

· Hangar Doors.

· ‘Suzy’s Too’ by Dave Hipperson; a 33” span high performance (3 min+) rubber power model. Article and full plans in reduced scale size.

· Vintage Corner by Alex Imrie; spark ignition motors.

· The Fifth International Modellers Show; report of the event in Pasadena USA .

· ‘Rambler Miniature’ by Tony Brookes; a 24” wingspan vintage free flight power model for the Telco CO2 motor or similar. Construction/flying article with full size (still attached) centre-page plans (see photos).

· Free Flight Scene by Martin Dilly; includes a model location device using the popular 555 I/C timer chip and outline drawings for a Chinese A/2 glider design.

· Model Engine News by Peter Chinn; Super Tigre 15 C/L glow motors and model diesel engine fuel.

· Aeromodelling Technology by Peter Lumsden; a self launch device for model gliders with construction details and plans.

· Overcoming Nicad Problems by John Stroud.

· Scale Matters by Alan Callaghan.

· From the Handle by Jim Woodside; including description/construction notes and half-page plans for Russian flying wing control
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