AEROMODELLER PLANS BOOK Control Line Free Flight Diesel






Published by

The Model Aeronautical Press

“A fully illustrated catalogue of the famous A.P.S. & M.M.P.S. plans, together with instructional articles to help you build and operate better models”

Modelling Articles Include:

· Take Your Pick; model engine types and a list of the world’s model engines, over 200 engines with specifications & recommended propellers.

· The Art of Covering.

· Doping & Finishing.

· Covering with Silk.

· Starting a Diesel Engine.

· F.A.I. International Model Requirements.

· British Control Line Team Racing Regulations.

· Trimming for Flight.

· Building from Plans.

· Airfoil Sections for Easier Building.

· Tapered Wing Ribs.

· Operating Glow Plug Motors.

· Plastic Moulding.

· Model Boat Radio Control.

· How to Scale Plans (up or down).

· Single-Channel Radio Control.

· Multi-Channel Radio Control.

Model Plan Categories Include:

· Flying Scale Power, Gliders & Rubber.

· Flying Scale for Jetex Motors.

· Free Flight Jetex.

· Control Line Scale.

· Control Line Stunt.

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