NEW Aerotech Cheetah Kit 89016 NIB

STOCK# - AROT8016 MFG# - 89016 New and unused. In the original manufacturer packaging.
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This is the Cheetah Flying Model Rocket Kit by AeroTech.
Adult Supervision Recommended For Those Under 16 Years of Age.

FEATURES: Sleek and high performance
Precision airfoil molded fins
Fin-Lok fin mounting system
Labyrinth ejection gas cooling system
3-clipped delta fins with blunt trailing edge
Instructions included

INCLUDES: One model rocket

REQUIRES: Assembly
Finishing supplies
_ Mantis launch pad ( AROT8281 )
Interlock controller ( AROT8381 )
Reloadable motor system (RMS) D13-4W D24-4T
D15-4T E18-7W E28-7T F24-7W F12-5J
F39-9T E16-7W E23-8T F40-10W F22-7J
F52-8T G33-7J G64-10W
Single use motors (SU) D21-4T E15-7W E30-7T
F25-9W F50-9T G40-10W G80-10T
Econojet single-use motors F20-7W G35-7W

SPECS: Stages: 1
Length: 32 (810mm)
Diameter: 1.9 (47mm)
Nose cone: 5:1 Ogive
Weight (without motor): 10oz. (280g)
Motor mount: 29mm (includes 24mm adapter)
Recovery system: parachute

tlh 3/1/11

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