AF 6-8-6 CIRCUS ENGINE with BIG MOTOR and SIT Tender

Here we have the beautiful American Flyer S gauge 6-8-6 YELLOW CIRCUS Engine and its S-I-T Tender. This heavy die-cast engine is modeled after an actual built S-1 Streamliner. This engine has the rare factory casting with the full cutout cab windows in the engineers cab. There are all steel handrails along the die-cast metal boiler. This engine has the LARGE MOTOR with the 3/4" armature, and this AC motor has been cleaned and lubed and has new brushes and springs and this motor runs very strong. To compliment this large motor, PullMor wheels have been added to the running chassis. There is a good working 4 way drum e-unit in the boiler and a new #1449 14 volt headlamp bulb has been installed. A new wiring harness is installed between the engine and its tender. The steel shelled 10 wheel tender has a complete bellows type SIT unit installed in it. This SIT unit has a new rubberized cloth bellows and new brushes. This SIT unit smokes great even at very low throttle. This tender has brass pickup wheels and a good working knuckle coupler. Both the engine and tender are finished in a lustrous gloss yellow enamel. The tenders top is painted with semi-gloss black enamel. This engine and tender have been ran and gently used. This engine and tender WILL RUN ON ANY S Gauge rail circle. The condition of this outstanding 6-8-6 Circus engine ... read more