AF Mobilgas tanker #24316 w/ original box

Up for bid is an American Flyer #24316 Mobilgas tanker. The original box is included. However, the box is missing the plastic fronting and the car is loose in the box. There are 2 small scratches in the paint on the roof of the car. Aside from that, this tanker is in excellent condition.

Please note that I try to list as many flaws as I possibly can. I am not a train collector; this is part of my dad's beloved collection. He passed away last October, and we are just trying to find good homes for the trains he loved. Some items are dusty, as they have been in his garage for quite some time. I brushed them all with a soft bristled paintbrush, but I didn't do any deep cleaning.

I will be listing items as frequently as possible, so please check back for more! If you are worried about buying from me, since I don't typically sell trains, please check out my dad's user name, pappawvon, to be reassured that these are quality trains. In the past, I always did the packaging for the trains he sold, so rest assured that your items will be very well taken care of.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. My dad's best friend also collects trains and he is standing by to answer any questions I can't answer. :)