African American Express Black Card - Metal - Fully Customizable - Centurion

African American Express Metal Black Card Fully customizable to your specifications Obama (pictured) can be swapped out for any image of your choosing, MLK, Kanye, Kobe, Diddy, Bush..., yourself, anyone you want!
This card is black anodized aluminum and will be laser engraved with any design of your choosing.
The back of the card contains a working magnetic strip and a blank signature strip (also available without signature strip). The magnetic strip can be programed with any information you would like. Additional fees may apply for further customization and cloning.
This card weighs about 8 grams, heavier than a normal credit card. The card's dimensions are the same as a credit card. These cards are matte not glossy. These cards are NOT PLASTIC like all the other black cards on eBay, they are metal .
Card creation can take up to 7 business days. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions.