African art--Yoruba Eshu figure from Nigeria

This is a very nicely carved classic style Yoruba figure. It shows a devotee of Eshu holding a flute. The sculpture measures 13 3/4 inches high, 2 5/8 inches wide at the base bottom of the figure's robe. Most of the face has the original patina but somebody somewhere apparently tried to clean up the piece and ended up removing most of the patina giving it the somewhat splotchy look you see in the pictures. Yet, it is still a beautiful display piece and immediately recognizable to any enthusiast of African art. I actually thought of trying to darken it all over with shoe polish or something like that to give it a more even look but never did. A little effort like that might turn what is now just a good example of Yoruba style into a really nice example. The piece was purchased from a reliable Chicago ethnic art dealer some forty years ago but is ready to find a new home. Overseas shipping would be $50.00