Old African Dogon brass Horseman ring Equestrian

Old African Dogon brassHorseman ring Equestrian

Old African Dogon brass Horseman ring Equestrian

Mali, Dogon peoples
Material: Brass

In Dogon mythology, both horse and rider shared in the creation of the world. Small wooden or iron equestrian figures are assembled in shrines in memory of the mythical character called Nommo, who transformed himself into a horse to haul the arch of creation onto the earth. Beside or above the animal there is always a human figure - the rider-deity Amma, the supreme god who is the universal principle. In Dogon art, therefore, the equestrian theme refers to the ''original journey " and worn as a sign of status by the Hogon (the village spiritual leader) or the blacksmith himself.

This ring it has a symbolic geometric and meanings designs, like the circular shield that represent the serpent ( serpent is a synonym for snake ).

Cast figures and objects, despite their small size, express status, prestige and power. These cast metal figures and other objects exhibit the technical skill and artistry that Dogon blacksmiths brought to their work. Made by traditional lost-wax process. The Dogon used metal for their most important ritual objects as well as everyday objects and weapons.

As with many other ancient African cultures, Dogon sculpture, masks
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