African Zulu Ukhamba Basket-new Fair Trade-Ships free!

This stunning piece is an ukhamba basket, traditionally used to hold beverages, especially homemade beer. It is so tightly woven that it becomes waterproof; when liquids are poured in, the interior pores swell while the outside sweats, thus cooling the contents by evaporation. As this is a true artwork, we do not recommend pouring your local brew in, however! Baskets are also used as gifts and for ceremonial purposes.

The weaving fibers are from the Ilala palm, while the colors come from various indigenous roots, leaves, berries, and other materials, usually soaked and boiled for many days. A basket this fine takes over a month to produce. It comes with an informative explanation card, complete with the name of the artist, Thobile Mbatha. This is also a Fair Trade product, which means the artist received a fair wage for her amazing skills. We would recommend this to collector's of fine basketry or African art. A basket of this size and quality normally retails in specialty shops for over $300.00!

Free shipping is available to anyw in the continental U.S. or reduced shipping elsew! And for many more beautiful Fair Trade African baskets in a myriad of sizes, shapes, colors, styles, and patterns, please be sure to view our entire collection!

Please note that this piece is handmade of organic materials.
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