After The Battle # 57 (Russelsheim Death March, Truk, Cowra, Antwerp V1, V2 WW2)

After The Battle , Issue 57

The main article in this issue, The Russelsheim Death March , gives a harrowing first hand account of the stoning and beating to death by German civilians of six American flyers captured and being transported to a PoW camp. Written in the “Crime in WWII” this article gives first hand accounts from a survivor and also from witnesses at the subsequent war crimes trial after the war that is also contained in the article. Photographic illustrations are used extensively many in the familiar “Then and Now” format.

The following article written in the “Wreck Investigation” format and titled Beneath The Waters Of Truk looks at the fighting around this atoll and gives a view of the underwater world. Some forty-five Japanese vessels are known to lie in and around the waters of this Pacific atoll that was a major Japanese naval base. Most of them went down as a result of an American carrier-borne raid in February 1944 and over thirty lie in Truk lagoon. Underwater photography is used to good effect to illustrate the wrecks and associated material still lying in these shallow waters.

The Mass Escape From Cowra tells the story of the largest escape in the history of the British Empire . It happened in a small New South Wales country town 227 miles southwest of Sydney , Australia . A mass
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