AFTER THE FLOOD, photography by Robert Polidori, NEW

Photography by Robert Polidori Published by Steidl , Gottingen, 2006
First Edition, First US Printing
Amidst the remains left behind by people evacuated from New Orleans as Hurricane Katrina closed in, photographer Robert Polidori found a powerful elegy for the city and its vanished inhabitants. The devastation is incomprehensible, so Polidori uses these things – from the demolished houses with rescue-workers' spray-painted symbols to furniture and wall decorations – to manifest the loss. It is in the materials left behind that we see our own lives and suddenly identify with the reality of the disaster. FROM THE PUBLISHER: "In late September 2005, the photographer Robert Polidori traveled to New Orleans to record the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina. Arriving at night he found few remaining inhabitants amongst the devastated ruins of the city. The next day he began photographing and entering the abandoned houses, many of which were still water-logged or carried the 8 ft tide-mark of the floods. Slowly he began to learn the system of graffiti signs and codes applied to the exterior of the buildings by the rescue forces. Each room he entered seemed to Polidori to be like a womb and he thought of his photographs as the work of a psychological voyeur, mapping the lives of the absent people through
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