AG-47 1 oz.999 Silver medallion Rare!!SBSS AK-47 Come and Take It!

No longer making these,Very Short Run making this Rare,Auction is for1-1oz Ag47 SBSS Very Nice Medallion,Get it Now ,On hand Ready to Ship,Ships out the same day, if paid before 1:00 p.m..No returns ,No outta Country orders,Pay pal only,Payment is required 2 days auction closing,Tracking Provided,Any questions Email me,I mail them in Soft plastic wrapped in cardboard:) Regular Rim Medallion..SHIPPING with tracking 1.99..I do combine shipping if multiply items are Won..NO RETURNS ITEM is NEW untouched direct from mint tube:

The AG-47

The AG-47 is a play on the chemical symbol for silver- Ag – and on the popular and recently controversial assault rifle- the AK-47. The combination of these two symbols is a strong reminder that we need a variety of tools to fight oppression— not just those associated with force. To overcome tyrannical forces, it is just as important to overthrow a manipulated monetary system as it is to have a strong defense strategy. By holding both silver and guns, we are ensuring our financial security as well as our physical security.

Breaking Down the Elements

A Cross Hair rests as the base of the design, representing the way in which the government targets our basic rights to our property and to bear arms. The government has a history of confiscating our gold and silver, holding us captive

The crossed rifles – the AK-47 and the AR-15 - and the crossed pistols – the M9 and the 1911 – depict our unwillingness to allow such confiscation. These weapons are constantly under-fire, as the government continues to pass unconstitutional laws, making it harder—and sometimes impossible—to own or carry these tools for self defense. We must protect these ‘great equalizers,’ as they are our only check on an ever-growing, oppressive government.

The Grecian phrase engraved at the bottom of the coin, Molon Labe , derives from the Battle of Thermopylae, when 300 Spartan soliders gave their lives to protect the Republic from the Persian Empire. The Latin phrase translates to “Come and Take It” - best known as the slogan coined during the first battle of the Texas Revolution – the Battle of Gonzales.

Just like the settlers of Gonzales, we recognize our right to defend ourselves from looming oppression. When the enemy comes to our door step and tries to strip our rights away from us, we will respond as our brothers and sisters in liberty did before us: Come and Take It.

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