AGATIZED whale Dinosaur GEM BONE lapidary PETRIFIED WOOD rock vertebrae fossil x

what you see in the first 3 pictures is dry and wet ones and they fill a med. flate rate box.

Pictures 4 - 7 are mixed boxes filling a med. flate rate box with least 20 pounds.

Pics. show wet and dry. mixed assorted sizes and shapes

of petrified whale bone found on the coast of cal..

I BELIVE it TO Be pretrified whale bone

But some belive that it could even be from older creature that roomed the sea

"The name escapes me " AnyWay /.......

THE pictures are differant mixes that fill a med. flate rate box.

The marrow / cells of the bone Is clearly seen in all pieces..

Perfect the way They are And Or For Cutting Or making stuff....

You WIN you can pick What Sizes you want sent. To fill med. flate rate box..

If no request made i will send mix of them simmlier to pics..