Ahman Green 2007 Artifacts GU Auto 8/15 Houston Texans

Name of Auction:

Ahman Green 2007 Artifacts GU Auto 8/15 Texans

Description of Auction: Green has rushed for more yards, and gained more total yards from scrimmage, than any other running back in the NFL on several occasions. He is sure to be in the HOF and was a key star player when he was with the Green Bay Packers. Due to the scarcity of this card, the owner is placing a small reserve of $5.00 on it to maintain the integrity of the card and also to ensure that your investment doesn't depreciate.

Payment Information : Payment is to be by PayPal only ! If you don't have it, you won't be able to bid on this auction (PayPal is free, cheap and easy to set up). All payments must be sent to as we are just the listing agent for this auction; it is his property being sold on his behalf!

Shipping Information :

Due to the request of the owner of this piece, none of his auctions can be bid by bidders outside of the US.

Each card set is shipped encased to protect your investment.

Shipping cost is still $2.50 for his auctions even though the post office raised the rates and he still discounts additional flat item (I.E. cards) auctions for .50 cents each additional item!

Payment is by PayPal only and only PayPal users may bid on this (PayPal is free and easy to use and protects
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