4 US Air Force Officer Service Cap Insignia Hat Badge

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This auction is for a new in the plastic wrapped package USAF Officer service cap insignia / hat badge / device (Total = 4). This eagle insignia is the one worn on the officer's dress blue uniform hat / service cap of United States Air Force. The hat is often referred to as the : service cap, wheel cap, forage cap, saucer cap, combination cap, and peaked cap. The device has a screw back with two straight pins at the top to help hold it in place.

The design for this insignia is derived from The Great Seal of the United States. The shield has no stars, The eagle who supports the shield has his wings stretched and is holding 13 arrows with one talon. In the other he holds an olive branch. The eagle holds a banner with his beak which reads "E PLURIBUS UNUM"...translated means "Out of many, one." Over his head is a shield or "Glory". It contains 13 stars arranged top to bottom...1, 4,3,4,1. This creates a 6 point star. The finish is not the shiny or "bright" version. The hallmark L.I.G.I. is on the reverse side , and etched onto the shield. Here is a chance to add to your USAF, military, patriotic, military insignia, military medal, United States Air Force, or military officer collection. If you don't have a collection, now you can start one.

The thin white placement

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