AIR WAR, 1978 SPI bookshelf box, jet combat simulation, appears complete, GD/EX

AIR WAR, "modern tactical air combat", dated 1978 by Simulations Publications, Inc (SPI). Bookshelf-boxed version. Simulates air combat on a plane-to-plane level, using representative aircraft types from the Korean War through around 1980, around 40 different planes and missiles. Box is very good-plus, not quite excellent due to light shelfwear but is tight and clean. Contents range from only good to excellent and appear complete, including rule book (good, some staining along the right edge from being well-thumbed through, but totally legible), errata sheet from 19 May 1978, all aircraft and missile performance charts (all separated at the perforations, most very good or excellent, a couple only good from handling/wrinkling), 4 Aircraft and Missile Control displays (excellent), 8 paper map sections (excellent), 2 dice, 609 punched counters (by my count, the rules say 600, so I'm not sure what's up there, though I did see at least one counter that did not appear to belong as it was much thicker than the others, like a Battleline or Yaquinto-style counter), plastic tray with lid, and July 1979-January 1980 catalog (great reference in and of its own, listing all the available SPI titles of the time). Box measures approximately 11-3/4 x 9 x 2 inches, shipping weight 3 pounds. As always, multiple items ordered and sent at one time can ... read more