Airborne Assault Pack RD-54

AirborneAssault Pack RD-54

There is a many things from USSR appear now. This things stay in popular demand. And a lot of copy and replica come into the world market. So word “replica” it is a word “falsification” isn’t it? And I don’t understand why this things cost so much? The item I listed is an original item. This pack is really take a part in USSR VDV unit.

Attention! Item is used but in very good condition, there are no any damages and not repaired. The shovel pouch is not included. Not replica, not copy. Real ORIGINAL Item. You can check it in photo below.


Airborne Assault Pack RD-54

The RD-54 system as issued to the Russian Army airborne (VDV) units as well as Naval Infantry. The RD-54 system features:

Daypack ruck Padded shoulder straps (with the chest-strap) AK magazines pouch (for 2 AK-47/AKM/AK-74 magazines) Grenades pouch Shovel pouch RD-54 pouches attach to the webbing belt via straps sewn onto the pouches Optional: Webbing Belt is available as an optional extra

Daypack ruck features:

Wire framde for rigidity Main and two side compartments Side compartments feature internal pouches for hand grenade fuses Straps on the side compartments for attaching Poncho/Basha Ruck can be easily lowered to the waist area to allow attachement of the parachute pack


Two pairs of internal pouches for different grenades fuses Can be used for carrying additional ammo (in boxes) When You buy many items, a discount of the shipment cost is possible.

Please!! Asked an invoice by all means.
100% original item from Army.

Weight: 1.170 kg

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