Aircastle Solid State 8 Band Receiver Radio 162F51H

Today I'm adding this Aircastle Solid State 8 Band receiver radio. It works either AC or DC. Both ways work. T are 8 transistors. The Model number is 162F51H. It is 117 Volt and 60 Hz. All knobs work. As well as all the dial settings. PS1 PS2 VHF FM AM MB SW1 and SW2. The light switch and the AC/DC switch work as well. T is no rust on this item. T are no dents nor are t any scratches on the leather case. The telescopic antenna's are in tact and when completely up are approx. 17 " long. I have played with this radio on several occasions. It works well. I actually picked up a rather "controversial" station last night. I took pics, so you could see the inside, that houses the batteries, is very clean. Should you need to contact me, pls call .
No reserve this time, nor any last minute changes. Highest bidder wins. Good luck.