Aircraft Airline Cabin ATLAS Box Catering Galley Storage Canister Container +drw

For sale I have a used, natural-finish standard ATLAS container, supplied with 2x drawers of your choice of drawers plastic or aluminium construction!
This box / canister / container / tin was made by Driessen of the Netherlands in July 2002 and it's part number is DLH-294. This is a standard type of galley storage unit and it would have been for transportation and storage of absolutely anything on-board a plane. It features 4 internal runners capable of accommodating 2 drawers or 4 food trays. All airlines using ATLAS galleys will use these boxes so any airline's badge would suit the front of it. It is made entirely of solid aluminium and the front door has no embossing or badges of any company whatsoever so is a really clean and clear example of an airline storage box.
The condition of this box is great - there are only a few scratches and small dents to the panels . It is totally serviceable, and actually still is usable on an aircraft! It is completely straight; the locking latch works perfectly . All internal runners arepresent and working, and of course the box is supplied fully clean inside and out. There are naturally signs of use in the form small grazes and scratches on the panels and door, but absolutely no punctures or any major dents or scratches. Although it was airworthy when removed from service I must make
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