Aircraft photos

are 25 photos of Chanute Field and some unusual and virtually unknown aircraft. The photos are approximately 1 1/4 by 1 3/4 inches and in very good shape.The lable indicates that they were taken by The Grogan Photo Co.,Danville,Ill. The photos are inclosed in a cardboard folder which could be used as a mailer. The folder is in fair shape. It is complete with a couple of small tears in closing tabs.The package was apparently intended as a souvenier. Chanute Field has a long history of involvment in aircraft developement. From the subject matter I would date them in the late 1930's. Subject matter includes:Link trainers,parachute riggers,, Martin bomber ( I belive it is the Maryland modle never adopted by the U.S.) the Bell Aircuda bomber destroyer. This was a very unusual twin engine Pusher type plane. Only 14 were ever built as it had several problems. It carried two 37 mm cannon. This is a fascinating collection of prewar memrobilia.