Aircraft Window panels

What a sensational aviation collectible! Aircraft window panels. A great way to liven up a game room or bar or basement. It is a fun way to add an aviation theme to your home or office decor. These window panels just came off a B-737 aircraft which is now destined for cargo duty. The panels link together to form the same bulkhead design that we are all familiar with on commercial jetliners. The panels are in great significant scratches or scrapes or imperfections. They are in every bit as good a shape as the bulkheads that you saw on your last commercial passenger flight. They are lightweight and are free from corrosion. Yes, the window shades even work. The panels measure 19" x 61". They weigh about 7 pounds. The panels have a blue carpet fabric along the lower one third of the panel to make unsightly shoe marks and scuffs invisible. The panels come with both light blue carpet fabric and dark blue carpet fabric......please specify which you want if you are the winning bidder. In the first photo, you may notice that the panel on the left has a dark spot or two on the carpeted section. Don't worry, that is just cleaning fluid that didn't dry completely before I photographed it. The panels that I ship will be clean, uniform and completely presentable. I will mail these panels via USPS Parcel Post. Mailing will cost

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