Airesflex Aires Camera Olympus Zuiko Lense Seikosha Rap

The Airesflex U(S) is the better specced of the U models, with a faster shutter speed. It is particular unusual for having an Olympus Zuiko lense. Zuiko lense, which Sugiyama records as only available on the Z model(bay filter mount). Taking lense Olympus Zuiko F.C. 1:3,5 f=7,5cm 310923 and top lense 309026. The camera has a Seikosha Rapid shutter. The camera conditon is very good given the age and everthing appears to function as designed. All levers, latches, knobs open and close as they should. The covering on the camera is in very good shape with no peeling. The camera still has a roll of film (Verichrome Pan) still inside. The leather case is in pretty good shape with some minor cracking in a few places.

This is part of a collection from "Uncle Billy" and any information in my listing has been through research on the internet. I'm not an expert in camera collecting, any information that you may want to share would be greatly appreciated and if found to be true fact may be added for information to all bidders. "Uncle Billy" was a true man of integrity and wisdom that took my brother and I under his wing and taught us how in a hands on manner to work on and with just about anything imaginable.

As most of you who will be looking at these items will know far more than I, please look closely at the pictures and
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