Airline Airplane Seat Belt Extension Extender

Doesn't It Seem Like Airplane Seats are getting SMALLER?

You wi ll love this simple solution! Your very own seatbelt extender!

Includes BONUS black velvet drawstring carry pouch for easy access!!

Carry this small (discreet) seatbelt extender in your carry-on bag or put it in your pocket in this convenient black drawstring bag and you will avoid the awkward and embarassing feeling we all get from asking a flight attendant for one to use. No one needs to know! Isn't flying already uncomfortable enough?

This like new , excellent condition seatbelt extender is black with a standard buckle. It is about 24 inches long and is small enough to fit in your pocket! It's made for use on most of the major airlines including Delta, American, Continental, Northwest, Airtran, etc. It is approved by the FAA and manufactured by AMSAFE. Its just the same as the extender you would borrow from the flight attendant. I am a "big" frequent flyer and I always carry my own extender; wouldn't ever travel without it again!

Shipping within the USA is a flat fee of $4.65 via USPS. Other shipping options are available below.

Payment must be received within 3 days please.