Airline (Valco) GIM-9171A tube guitar amp

Late 60s Airline GIM-9171A tube guitar amplifier by Valco. All original and in excellent condition. Completely working. All N.O.S. tubes. G.E. 6l6s in the power section and R.C.A. 12ax7s in the pre-amp section. Sylvania 6v6 driver for the reverb and tremolo. All matched tubes from same lot run. These amps have a stereo out for speakers. Tip controls one 8ohm speaker or cab and the ring controls one speaker or cab. Airline had their own matching cab that was wired for this. I ran this into a Marshall 1960 vintage cab with one wire for two 12s and one wire for the other two 12s. You can run it into two seperate 8ohm cabs for example. Dont blow it up with improper matching because shes a gem and dont deserve that. Any questions please email. Buyer pays shipping and ins.. If cost is more than stated, buyer will send balance before amp is shipped. Immediate payment required. No delays. Continental U.S.A.only.