AITOR Cuchillo De Monte Spanish Military Knife & Box NR

This knife is made in Spain by AITOR. It is the fierce Military Cuchillo De Monte and has the emblem of the Spanish Navy / Marines with anchors in the 5 and 7 o'clock positions. The civilian version of this knife by Aitor is the Oso Negro. The knife, plastic scabbard, and box are all in new, factory mint condition. T is even some of the original factory oil still on the blade (see photos.). The knife measures apx. 12 inches overall. The blade measures apx. 7 inches long. The top spine of the blade has saw teeth that are double sided. This knife blade has ETCHED ENGRAVED into the metal the military insignia, and also "CUCHILLO DE MONTE", and "AITOR" with their factory logo, and a serial number "B-010152" that is unique to this knife and this knife only. The etching into the metal ensures that these markings will never rub off, as can be the case with stencil applied markings. Aitor steel is manufactured of a high carbon stainless steel which has a hardness range of Rockwell C 55/58 and is an improvement over the famous 440C alloy. Blades crafted from these premium grade alloys are heat treated by an advanced system to enable Aitor's incredible "shaving sharp" edge. The military green anti-slip polyamide handle gives a positive grip even in wet weather and is very comfortable in heavy use. NOW is your chance to own a complete, mint ... read more