Ajoite and papagoite mineral specimen from Musina

Ajoite from Musina

Ajoite from Musina, the northern-most town in Limpopo province of South Africa, is a rare copper silicate mineral that is often an inclusion in quartz. It's very rare because the mine is now flooded. Ajoite is named after the Ajo district of Arizona. It was first identified when it was discovered by the Papago Indians and highly valued. It was thought to be the only occurrence of the mineral until the 1960's when there was a second pocket found in Musina and correctly identified.

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Comments on this piece: Beautiful ajoite and papagoite included quartz mineral specimen from Musina. There is damage to the specimen.

Size: 99mmx69mmx66mm (25mm equals 1 inch)

Weight: 361g

Rating: ****

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