Akai Headrush E2 Looper Loop Delay Pedal RRP £139

Here for sale is the well known Akai Head Rush
What can I say about this pedal that hasn't been said before?!?
Primarily this is a fully performing twin Delay/Echo pedal. It does the usual echo/delay functions, and then it has a Multiple Head Analogue Delay simulator, with effectively 5 Outputs so you can connect multiple chains/amps/inputs and create amazing efects. You can also blank these individual outputs which in turn create diferent length gaps between the repeats which again are amazing to experiment with.
Hours of fun if you are a recording artist!
And then there is the looping function, I don't need to explain this side of the pedal, all I'll say is that it is very easy to use! Overlay and build loops, not only with the guitar, you can use a separate switch to input guitar, keyboards, voice (mic), drum loops etc. I'll just point you to Katie Tunstall's YouTube video here:
This pedal has been hardly used and it is in fully functional almost as new condition, absolutely no mark on it, never gigged, never had a single boot on its buttons, as you can see from the pictures.
I'm selling it as it is way over my (playing) abilities and I have replaced it with a simpler and more manageable delay/looper
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