Akai MPC 2000 XL CF Hot-Swap Card Reader Kit CF-2000XL

CF-2000XL Compact Flash Memory Card Reader for Akai MPC2000XL Black Unit - Upgrade your Akai MPC2000XL with 2GB of CF Storage!
These units are 100% Hot Swappable - Media can be inserted and removed with the MPC ON!
The 3rd image of the mounted unit is a MC-2000XL it mounts the same way as the CF-2000XL.
Download the Installation Manual or MPC Operators Manual from the Big Noise Radio " Studio " page.
These are the only 3 left for now! We apologize on this one, our vendors have really let us down on this product. Their communication has been ridiculously unprofessional, out of the blue they tell us that they are not supporting us anymore. We'll be looking for another source and will let everybody know when we do - thanks!
All CF-2000XL units are brand new, no MPC mods required. Instructions and cablesincluded.
This is the baseline kit available at a better price point - the CF card is NOT included.
One of thebest ways to upgrade your Akai MPC2000XL is with a CF Card Reader. This allows you the convenience of moving sounds from PC to MPC and back. Memory card access time is very fast and you can have many Compact Flash memory cards to archive projects. Now available is a conversion kit for your Akai MPC2000XL. Why keep your 3.5 floppy-drive when you can fit your MPC2000XL with a new Compact Flash
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