Akai MPC-5000

This is an super-powerful, all-in-one production studio for the hardware-based musician. Of all the Akai and competing-brand MPC products, this is the absolute best, FLAGSHIP machine on the market. If you're reading about this, chances are you know what it'll do, but if you'd like more information, feel free to peruse Akai's website here: /mpc5000

I bought this about 2 months ago from Guitar Center with the intent of using it to supplement my Korg OASYS workstation to produce beats, but ended up realizing that I really don't need this product after all. Sadly, I've decided that as much as I like it, it's time to sell it and use the money to purchase other gear that I will truly end up needing/using. My reserve is set far below what you would pay to purchase this unit new, which is essentially what this machine is...it has no more than 10 hours of usage on it. It is in excellent physical condition, but it does have one minor nick in one of the lower left end-piece (the piece that you would remove to add a wood kit) that does not affect the operation of the unit, it is strictly cosmetic and the part is replaceable. It is also--most importantly--in perfect mechanical condition. The screen has no dead pixels in it. The power cord and manual (PDF on CD) will be provided. This thing will chop up loops and samples any way that
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