Akai S950 Midi Digital Sampler/Works! NICE!

This Akai S950 Midi Digital Sampler came from a professional musician who informed me that the unit is in working order. The floppy disk drive needs a front plate (a minor thing.) He told me he used this with several major rock bands but now is upgrading. Able to format any 3.5" disk; MIDI IN, OUT,THRU; Fits standard 19" rack. Official specifications:

Type - Sampler/module/Synthesis type - Polyphony/Max 8

Typical in use - 1 / Multi-timbral (number of parts)/controllers/keyboard

Can send on simultaneous MIDI channels

Sounds can be split by: Inputs and Outputs

Number of audio outs (excluding phones) L/R + 8 = 10

Number of audio Ins : 1

Number ofMIDI Outs (excluding Thru) : 1

Number of MIDI Ins : 1

Sampler memory : Standard: 720k mb; maximum: 2.25 mb

Sampling Rates: minimum 7.5 kHzkHz 12 bits; maximum 48.0 kHzkHz 12 bits

Features: Time stretch scsi interface

Other: Ease of use! 10 outs: 2 = L/R + 8 unbalanced

Other: 12-bit linear, 7.5 - 40kHz sampling rates (63 seconds) Up to 48kHz sampling rate: 8 voice polyphony; full compatibility with existing S900 Sound Library Disks. Filter envelope, pre-trigger recording, crossfade looping, and additional functions to facilitate dynamix sound expression. Loads disks while playing
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