AKG D 112 Kick Drum Microphone

AKG D 112 Kick Drum Microphone
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The D112 has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the best kick drum microphones ever made. Heavy-footed drummers wont faze it, because the D112 handles up to 168 dB SPL with no audible distortion.
Onstage or in the studio, this is the mic for cleaning up the dirty low down. Stays free of distortion even at high SPLs. Very low diaphragm resonance, relatively narrow-band rising high-frequency response at 4kHz, and extremely robust construction. Kick Drum Mic A specially engineered diaphragm with very low resonance frequency maintains solid and powerful response below 100 Hz, while a narrow band presence rise at 4 kHz punches through dense mixes with little or no added EQ. The result is a kick drum sound that ideally balances precise definition and forceful impact. The D112 is also an excellent choice for use with bass cabinets, trombones, etc. Built-in windscreen, stand adapter included. Channel Strips of the Stars: Ronan Chris Murphy World-class producer/engineer/mixer Ronan Chris Murphy's credits include King Crimson, Steve Morse, Terry Bozzio, Victor Bisetti, Gregg Bissonette, Tony Levin, and projects with members of Tool, Ministry, Weezer, Dishwalla, and Yes. A huge fan of A Designs Audio, Ronan was kind enough to share some of
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