AKG c12 Style Microphone

Relisting this mic, as I felt there was much confusion as to what it is. I've added pics of the internals for those interested, and I tried to get a photo of the capsule through the head basket as well. I will list the mic for 3 days for those still interested. FYI, the tube is a GE 5 Star 12at7!

This mic started its life off as an apex 460b. It was upgraded and tuned by Stellar Microphones. I had a custom body painted and a C12 style head basket made to complete the look. The mic sounds fantastic, but it doesn't see enough use in my studio to justify keeping it. Sounds lovely on acoustic instruments and rooms. Comes with everything pictured!

Just to clarify, this is a Stellar cm5. For a list of all upgrades please refer to the Stellar website. The body and head basket were upgraded by me, and I also upgraded the electro harmonix tube to a new old stock variant. The mic sounds great. I'm selling because I had the opportunity to buy one of my dream mics, and I need the extra money.

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