AKG D19C Mic as used by The Beatles and Abbey Road

Now re-listed. The price will not be reduced as these mics often reach the asking price and beyond. I will keep it for my own use if asking price not met.
AKG D19C microphone as famously used by The Beatles both live on stage and in many of their recordings. The Beatles used these as a vocal mike, for drum overheads and even for piano on some recordings.
The microphone offered for sale is in as good condition as you are ever likely to find unless you get one that has been sealed in a box since the Sixties!
There are no dents in either the wire mesh or the body and only a few very small scuffs on the satin finish of the mic body.
It is in good working order.
A cable will be included in the sale to get you up and running as these mics do not use a standard mic cable (DIN not XLR type socket on mic body) but you will probably wish to obtain another one as it is not that long and is unbalanced. I can make up and supply a suitable balanced cable of whatever length you require at extra cost if required.
The postage cost will obviously vary according to the service you require and where in the world it is to be sent. The figure given is just to satisfy e bays requirement to give a figure.
Any and all import tax/duty and costs for any special arrangements to be paid for by the successful bidder.