Akro Agate Corkscrew, 5 Color Jaw Dropper. Vacation Day

5/8" Marble. Akro Agate Corkscrew. 5 Color!!! Black, Transparent Cherry Red and Orange in a Yellow base with a single White filament tracer through the Red, of course! See picture 4 top for the lil comet streak in action. Should I say Golden Rebel to make the Peltier folks angry? Oops I just did.

Stay home from work to watch this auction. This is my personal Everest. Everyday when you go out hunting marbles this is the one in your head. This is the image burnt into your mind. I just want to find one. This is one.......

This marble wanted to break so bad, Glass overload!!! Check out the subsurface stress lines around the equator. maybe a tiny airhole someplace.

Do n't be shy!!! Talk to me people....... Lots of marbles to talk about :)

I'll be happy to answer any questions I can or provide more pictures if needed to anyone, I only get 1 for free :) I welcome any info on my marbles.
Thank you for looking and please see my other My Life on Ebay auctions. Selling everything Ive held onto over the years.

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