My name is John Newbern, and for nearly 20 years I published the cartoon and joke series of books, called Sex to Sexty. AL ELLIS was another great artist, and I have decided to make available to the public a few ORIGINAL creations of his.

This is a pen and ink wash that was published in Sex To Sexty in the 60's and 70's and is a grand example of AL at his sexy best!

This piece is a 6" by 11"done on paper. Keep in mind that these are the original cartoons used in the joke book, so they may have editing marks on the piece or cut unevenly to fit in the joke book. This work has one editing mark in pencil in the lower left corner, the original gag was edited out and it was cut to fit into the joke book and other than that it is PERFECT!!! The winning bidder on this piece will have acquired a piece of Americana worthy of being called an heirloom.

The gag was typed and attached to the bottom of the page and reads, "Then except for the remote chance of being elected the first woman President, t are no jobs that pay better than peddling poontang?" His signature is on the lower left side of the art and his stamp is on the back of the page.

Thank you for looking.