Aladdin Alacite ashtray set - cigarette holder,box

This is an Aladdin alacite cigarette set. I've had it for many years and have had so many friends and visitors comment on how cool and unusual it is. In all my years of collecting, selling and searching, This is the only one I've ever run across. I knew it was rare when I found it yrs ago, and like I said - have not seen anything even close since. The measurements are 11 3/4 inches long-approx. 4 1/4 wide. The ashtrays are 3 3/8 inches across, and 4 5/8 inches across at the cigarette holder part. The inside of the cigarette box is 3 2/8 inches square. The whole box measures 3 6/8 inches and so does the cover. T is a tiny chip inside the box on the rim, and 2 corners of the lid have a tiny chip. The 2 corners its hard to tell as they are so hard to see. This set looks as if its never been used, t aren't even scuff or wear marks on the bottom of the base or the 2 ashtrays AT ALL !!!!! This is truely a little treasure and absolutely beautiful and I hope you enjoyed looking. Thanks for looking and happy bidding.

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