Aladdin Kerosene Florentine Moonstone Glass Vase Lamp

I have up for auction the very rare and sought after Aladdin Rose Pink Color Moonstone Glass Florentine Vase Lamp. It is all original in excellent condition including the original delicate interior paint which was intended to keep the oil tank from being seen through the glass. I am unable to find any damage to the glass except for a few missing paint flakes. This moonstone glass will glow under ultraviolet light! The lamp is complete minus the mantel, chimney, and shade. The burner wick raiser gears slip but with a little fiddling will raise the wick. This vase lamp is an italian influenced design developed by Henry Helmers in 1935 and because of it's popularity was reintroduced in 2004! The reproductions of this vase lamp sell for a couple hundred dollars! I have never seen an original like this on ebay or elsew Insurance on final value price is required. All questions are welcome and thanks for looking!