Alaskan Ulu Knife Antler Handle w/ Wolf & Wood Stand

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New~ Cultured Moose Antler Alaska Ulu

Brand new in the box Alaskan Ulu Cultured Moose Antler handle. This comes with a solid wood display stand ..t is a running wolf picture in the center of the handle...also a map on the blade and the word alaska written too, imported for afordability... unique design


The most versatile kitchen knife you'll ever own!

Easy to Use

Use your ulu to slice meat and cheese, chop or mince vegetables, and skin fish quickly and easily.

Grasp the handle firmly in the palm of your hand between your thumb and fingers. Bend your wrist to rock or sweep the blade over the

items being cut. Keep your fingers away from the sharp edge. Using the ulu on a hard or synthetic surface or to cut bones can dull or damage the blade. Use a wood cutting board or special chopping bowl for the best results. Sharpen the bevel side as you would any fine cutlery.


Wash the ULU carefully

by hand, (never in a dishwasher) in mild detergent and warm water, being careful not to soak the handle. Rinse and dry thoroughly, and store in the display stand. Apply mineral oil occasionally to wood handles and stands to prevent drying and cracking .

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