Albert Chailosky Original 3D Large Mixed Media Sculpture " Hogs & Heifers Bar"

This Albert Chailosky 3D Mixed Media Sculpture is preowned but it is in very good condition...This piece is the artist's interpertation of " Hogs & Heifers " ...This infamous bar in the meat packing district in NYC is at 859 Washington Street ...It has become a landmark and was the inspiration for the movie " Coyote Ugly "....... Countless celebrities come to dance on their bar as is the custom.... as well as donating their bras...( which are hung on the wall behind the bar)...(Julia Roberts bra among them)....This bar opened their 2nd location in Las Vegas in 2005.......I bought this 3D sculpture in the early 2000's from the artist directly and i own 2 more of his pieces....He used to show at the " Ro Gallery" as well as the "Stricoff Gallery" ...both in NY...He has since moved to Ohio and i have lost track of him.." Hogs & Heifers " measures 45" L (without fixture)X 16"W X 12" D...The fixture ( working ) is attached at the top which increases the length to 57.5"...Please note that there is one man missing from the front of this piece...I have him ....he just has to be glued back on...Other than that...this is a very interesting, large conversation piece...I do know that this piece is a very limited edition...Because of the size and weight of this piece...This is a pick-up only....A few of his available pieces are selling

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