Albert King/Otis Rush: Door To Door-80's French LP

Used Mid 80's French Import Analog Reissue of Classic 1969 Chess Release by Bandleaders/Composers/Left Handed Guitarists/Blues Vocalists Albert King and Otis Rush Entitled Door to Door, Album Supervision by Marshall Chess, Originally Produced by Leonard & Phil Chess, Engineered by Malcolm Chisholm, Vintage Series Compiled, Edited and Produced by T.T. Swan - "Albert King is truly a "King of the Blues," although he doesn't hold that title ( B.B . does). Along with B.B . and Freddie King , Albert King is one of the major influences on blues and rock guitar players. Without him, modern guitar music would not sound as it does -- his style has influenced both black and white blues players from Otis Rush and Robert Cray to Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan . It's important to note that while almost all modern blues guitarists seldom play for long without falling into a B.B. King guitar cliché, Albert King never does -- he's had his own style and unique tone from the beginning. Albert King plays guitar left-handed, without re-stringing the guitar from the right-handed setup; this "upside-down" playing accounts for his difference in tone, since he pulls down on the same strings that most players push up on when bending the blues notes. King 's massive tone and totally unique way of squeezing bends out of a guitar string has had a major ... read more