Album 72 Golden Replicas 22kt Gold Stamps Nice L@@K

This is a very nice album with 22kt gold leaf stamps.T is 72 Stamps on each envelope with a 22kt gold.These stamps,envelope and album are in mint condition.This album has all of the stamps and envelope included in the album.T is not anything torn or damaged.I have 8 albums to sell on Ebay.I bought this collection off a gentleman that had collected several years.They were all well taken of as well.T is also a card that goes with each one.You will be glad that you bid on these.These stamps came from the Postal Commemorative Society.On the left t is a gold stamp.On the right side the stamp that was first day of issue. (1.) First Voyage of Columbus Approaching Land. ( 2.)First Voyage of Columbus Seeking Queen's Support (3.)First Voyage of Columbus Crossing the Atlantic (4.)First Voyage of Columbus Coming Ashore (5.)New York Stock Exchange (6.)Summer Olympics Baseball (7.)Summer Olympics Soccer (8.)Summer Olympics Volleyball (9.)Summer Olympics Swimming (10.)Summer Olympics Women's Gymnastics (11.)Summer Olympics Boxing (12.) Space Exploration Cosmonaut (13.)Space Exploration Soyuz (14.)Space Exploration Astronaut (15) Space Exploration Apollo (16.)Earl Warren Chief Justice of the U.P.(17.)Alaska Highway 50th Anniversary(18.)Kentucky Statehood 200th Anniversary(19.)Hummingbird Costa's(20.)Hummingbird Calliope(21.)Hummingbird Rufous(22 ... read more