Alchemy Gothic Runering-Dragon Small Leather Wrist Strap/Bracelet - Pewter/Runes

Alchemy Gothic Runering-Dragon Leather Wrist Strap
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This is the Runering-Dragon leather wriststrap made by Alchemy Gothic. The handmade English Pewter and leather wrist strap depicts the runes of genesis, inscribed on the pewter ring, protected by the skeletal remains of a guardian dragon. The Runering-Dragon strap is a size small. It has a velcro closure and is slightly adjustable. The overall length of the wriststrap from end to end (including the pewter fitting) is approximately 10" long. At its largest setting it can be made to fit a wrist with about a 6 3/4" circumference.
Magickal Symbolism: Dragons represent powerful elemental energies originating from the earth as well the Cosmos itself, and they are often associated with the primordial energies of Creation. Reputed to possess clear vision, wisdom, and a gift for prophecy, dragons often served as guardians of sacred objects and places. Skulls are thought to contain all the vital energy and spirit of the being that once inhabited it, making the skull a powerful fetish or totem object .
Alchemy Gothic: All Alchemy Gothic pewter products are handmade in England in the Alchemy Workshops by their own skilled craftsmen. The metal used in the manufacture of Alchemy's pewter products is the highest quality, lead-free alloy known
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