Alchemy Gothic Venetian Vanity Ring Size 6 3/4 - Carnival Mask, Mardi Gras

Alchemy Gothic Venetian Vanity Ring
Size 6 3/4
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This is the Venetian Vanity ring made by Alchemy Gothic. The English Pewter, enamel, and Swarovski crystal ring depicts a traditional Baroque-style mask of the Carnival of Venice. This ring is an American size 6 3/4. * To see more sizes in this style ring, please visit my store.
Magickal Symbolism: Masks have been used in ritual since ancient times. While most masks represent a spirit, deity, or character (as with the Greek theatre masks) in which case the wearer becomes one with the spirit of the mask; other masks (such as the Carnival mask) serve as liberators. By concealing the identity, the mask frees the wearer from the confines of his or her public persona (which has become their true mask). By doing so, the wearer is able to transcend the illusion of mundane existence. This is a powerful experience, and masks such as these were used in initiation ceremonies and Dionysian-type rites of which Carnival or Mardi Gras is one of the last remnants.
Alchemy Gothic: All Alchemy Gothic pewter products are handmade in England in the Alchemy Workshops by their own skilled craftsmen. The metal used in the manufacture of Alchemy's pewter products is the highest quality, lead-free alloy known as "English Pewter". Since all Alchemy products
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