Alcoholics Anonymous Rare Vintage AA 2yr Sobriety Coin

My Personal, Rare, Vintage,
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 2 year
Chip/ Medallion/Coin given to me in 1983
This coin has the AA logo on the front and The Serenity Prayer on the Back, with AA in the middle of a circle. It is 1 1/4 across.
Front side says "To Thine Own Self Be True" around top. "Unity Service Recovery" around triangle. Roman numeral II inside a circle.
Back has the Serenity prayer and AA in a circle.
Coin has the warmth of a worn patina from handling. It is darker than it looks in the photo. Good condition but not mint.
The use of the AA logo on sobriety coins was discontinued when AA filed a lawsuit in the eighties to protect their logo. When they won, the use of the AA logo on "sobriety" anniversary coins, chips and medallions was discontinued by companies like Hazelton who made them.
When I got sober in 1981 I was given a 1981 silver dollar by my Sponsor. This was the tradition at that time. People added gemstones around the edge each year they stayed sober. I have seen many who had run out of space and were working on an inner circle. This gave me hope! By 1982 coins were being handed-out so my collection of coins begins with a 2 year coin.
I am getting older now, sixty-six years old and have 26 years sobriety this month. That is what happens if you don't drink, one day at a time.
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