This is a new professional West German made alcoholmeter, hydrometer and 100ml measuring beaker/test jar. The alcoholmeter measures alcohol content from 0% to 100% graduations in moonshine, whiskey, vodka and etc. Convert to proof by multipling by 2. Example 100% X 2 = 200 proof. The hydrometer is the most accurate way to determine if your brew or mash is finished making. If it reads -10 to -20, (the top black area) then you're ready to distill. Simply take a sample of your product in the test beaker and place your instrument inside, then read the scale w it breaks the surface of the liquid. To determine alcohol content in fermented mash, take a reading with the hydrometer at the begining then a reading at the end of fermentation and subtract the two. Then divide by 8 and you will have the percent alcohol. Example, the beginning reading is 83 and the end reading is 3. Then 83 - 3 = 80. 80 divided by 8 = 10% alcohol. See my other moonshine auctions. I will combine shipping w possible. For questions, email or call .